Steven Lance

I am a born and raised Upstate New Yorker. I started playing drums at nine years old. I compose using virtual keyboards/synths. I played for 12 years in various rock bands-- The Dark, Xanadu, Shotgun, Engine, Mars, Basement Boogie Band --that traveled the East Coast and spent a year playing the clubs throughout the state of Florida. It was during these years that I became experienced with just how difficult it is to keep a band together and thriving.

My musical progression brought me from heavy rock to prog rock to fusion. But electronic music has always resonated with me; since the earliest days of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. So, with the above-mentioned musical influences as a guide, I developed my own genre, ProgTronic.

I use Propellerhead REASON software to craft my sonic episodes. I incorporate real instruments and musicians on occasion. I also have had access to a brilliant electronic instrument maker who has introduced some of his newest creations on various songs.

My music is very visual. Close your eyes and travel spaces you never knew existed; see sights only your imagination can observe. Your body will move with your mind. You will experience music like never before.