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Steven Lance

I am a born and raised Upstate New Yorker. I started playing drums at nine years old.
I played
full time for 12 years in various rock bands-- The Dark, Good Grief, White Whale, Xanadu, Shotgun, Engine, Mars, Basement Boogie Band --traveling the East Coast and spent a year playing the clubs throughout the state of Florida.
It was during those years that I came to understand just how difficult it is to keep a band together and thriving. Not so much the hard work. But rather, the egos.

My musical progression brought me from heavy rock to prog rock to fusion. But electronic music has always resonated with me; since the earliest days of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. So, with the above-mentioned musical influences as a guide, I developed my own genre, ProgTronic.

I use Propellerhead REASON software to craft my sonic episodes. I incorporate real instruments and musicians on occasion. My latest project was with Dr. Universal titled, "History Repeats" []
Also worked with Sarah Perrotta on a song titled, 

"Our Dark Age / Pray For Tomorrow" [available on this website; /music]
I also work with guitarist extraordinaire Tom Desisto in what we call
Animus Numinous [available on this website; /music]

My music is very visual. Close your eyes
travel spaces you never knew existed;
see sights only your imagination can observe.
Your body will move with your mind.
You will experience music like never before.
Most of all...


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