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Praying The Price

Praying The Price

As are all great works of science fiction, "Praying The Price" is a prophetic novel. The reader will experience today what will transpire in the near future. If you enjoy science fiction, suspense and intelligent conspiracies, "Praying The Price" is definitely for you.

A great tale that takes the protagonist, rogue agent Joel Renner, around the world in hopes of evading the pursuing Central Intelligence Agency. His last mission is to redeem himself by saving humanity from the dastardly plan of The Group; a centuries old organization seeking an ultimate world order that will benefit a small fraction of human beings at the expense of the masses.

Meet wonderful characters like Mellow Deus Marveluscious, world-renowned celebrity reporter and Will Barnes, crusty old investigative journalist. Written by a lover of science fiction that has grown bored with what's been coming out for the last 20 years. If you're itching for a good read, "Praying The Price" is your ticket to adventure.

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